Blow Mould

Blow Mould

Blow mould & HDPE blow mould Details

We are manufacturing all types of pet stretch blow mould & HDPE blow mould.

Different type of pet blow mould developed by us like drinking water bottle, school bottle, fridge bottle , coldrink bottle etc.

Different types of HDPE mould developed by us like oil filling bottle, cleaner bottle , chemical filling bottle etc.

Features of our pet blow mould

  • In pet blow high quality material is use so the wear and corrosion not occur on the face of body.
  • In pet blow neck and bottom of the mould is externally fitted on the blow mould with tight boulting.
  • Guid pin is use from hard material so there will be no chance of damage of mould and guid properly.
  • Proper air vent is provide between two block so the face of bottle will not damage.

Features of our HDPE blow mould

  • In HDPE blow mould neck and bottom side is externally fitted on the block.
  • Proper cutting edge is providing on the side of the product so the extra material cutting properly.
Bottle Blow Mould
Second Blow Mould Image
Third Blow Mould Image