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Pat Jar Mould

Pet Jar Mould Details

we are manufacturing all type of jar mould with all types of neck size and all types of thread. Which is use for blowing jars and containers.

We are developing a jar mould from 2 cavities to 12 cavities. And neck size from 53 mm to 150 mm.

Feature of our Pet Jar Mould

  • With proper grooving on cavity insert so the proper cooling is given to mould.
  • With good locking between neck and locator the proper guide remain of the mould.
  • In the one singe mould the extra puchside can be devlope for different gram on same preform.
  • For proper cooling of the punch the big size of cooling line is given.
  • The proper gap between cavity insert and injector pin so the runner gate can be easily open and close so the melt material can flow inside between punch face and cavity insert face.
  • With innovative design of injection mould parts so the wear can be less and no risk of falsh on preform and good quality of parting line devlope.
Jar Mould
Jar Mould
Pet Jar Mould